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TBI a Danger to Young and Old in Stockton

Personal injury lawyers in Stockton look at the rise in head injuries to children and older adults with concern. Sette Law’s, Stockton head injury attorneys are aware that many serious injuries are preventable with some basic precautions in homes in Stockton. Our personal injury attorneys encourage families to educate themselves about how to protect loved ones from TBI and prevent accidents.

Head injuries can occur when there’s a blow to the head – falls, sports injuries, explosions and a wide variety of events can cause brain injuries in Stockton. Our head injury lawyers explain that the effects of TBI dramatically changes daily life and impacts long term health. Symptoms of TBI can be mild or severe for victims in Stockton. Personal injury lawyers see a wide range of effects – from dizziness to crippling confusion. In extreme cases, victims can be in a coma that lasts indefinitely. In the experience of our Stockton head injury lawyers, TBI can be very costly – both financially and emotionally to families in Stockton.

Head Injury Attorneys Call for Safety First
Children, whose brains are still developing, are highly susceptible to head injuries. Our Stockton personal injury lawyers recommend safety equipment such as kid-safe car seats and seatbelts for all youngsters in Stockton cars. Injury lawyers also agree that children should ride in the back seat of cars. Young brains are delicate and extra caution is called for in Stockton. Injury attorneys at Sette Law have seen the pain suffered by families whose child suffered TBI in a car accident in Stockton. Our head injury lawyers know that affordable safety solutions make a big difference.

Our Stockton injury lawyers also emphasize the importance of children wearing helmets when enjoying recreational activities. Personal injury attorneys are aware of the increase in head injuries related to sports participation. Stockton injury lawyers believe youth sports teams and parents should employ heightened safety standards for young athletes in Stockton. Head injury lawyers know that helmets can provide important protection for youngsters engaged in a wide variety of sports – from football and cheer squads to soccer and baseball. Our Stockton injury lawyers say there is nationwide recognition that sports activities present inherent dangers of head injuries. When the threat of TBI reaches youth sports, the need for precaution is heightened for parents in Stockton.

Injury Attorneys say Elders at High Risk in Stockton
Head injury lawyers are also concerned about the region’s older residents. Without proper exercise and muscle strengthening, elders become increasingly at risk of falls in their homes in Stockton. Personal injury attorneys agree with the National Institute of Health’s statement that falls are preventable for elder people nationwide and in  Stockton. Our head injury lawyers say that remaining physically strong and balanced is a first line of defense. In addition, living spaces should be safe. Our Stockton head injury lawyers advise residents to get rid of slippery area rugs, install handrails in bathrooms and create a clutter-free home in Stockton. Head injury lawyers report that elder victims of falls that result in head injury may experience lengthy recovery and healing.

Our Stockton personal injury attorneys are hoping for less business in this arena of law – protecting vulnerable people from head injury is a shared responsibility of the community and families that our Stockton head injury attorneys accept.