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Stockton Dog Bites present Lawyers with Challenges

In Stockton, dog bite lawyers at Sette Law know that broad knowledge of state and local laws is critical to helping victims receive just compensation for their injuries. And, it’s important to recognize that although victims have legal protections, dog owners also have rights in Stockton dog bite incidents. Lawyers explain that individuals who are trespassing on a dog owner’s private property and attacked by the animal, may, in court, be assessed with at least part of the responsibility for the Stockton dog bite. Personal injury attorneys state that courts have ruled that trespassers knowingly take a risk and bear some, perhaps all, of the responsibility for a Stockton dog bite injury. Lawyers provide courts with evidence on behalf of their client in such cases.

At the same time, victims who are injured by vicious dogs while lawfully on private property or on public property may not bear such responsibility in Stockton. Our dog bite lawyers explain that state code places responsibility for an animal with the owner, who will have liability for any bite or attack in Stockton. However, personal injury attorneys say there will still be an investigation into a dog’s past behavior to determine known aggression or establish a history of complaints.

Stockton dog bite lawyers know that determining liability can be a lengthy and complex process. Essential to helping a victim or owner, is clear recollection of the circumstances surrounding the Stockton dog bite. Lawyers will conduct a thorough investigation to establish the facts in dog bite cases to achieve a just resolution.