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Squaw Valley skydiver killed after mid-air collision

Two parachutists collided in midair in Acampo on Tuesday afternoon, killing a man from Squaw Valley and prompting an investigation by the FAA, officials said.

Professional skier and BASE jumper Timy Dutton, 27, was killed 30 seconds into Tuesday's jump.

The survivor -- who has not yet been identified -- was hurt in the accident as well, investigators confirmed.

Watch report: Man dies in mid-air skydiving collision

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department took a call reporting the incident about 1:30 p.m., and then emergency crews headed out to the Parachute Center, 23500 N. Highway 99.

The men involved are extremely experienced divers, said Bill Dause, the owner of the Parachute Center. Both had done 400 to 500 jumps apiece previously, he added.

The divers jumped together and they were friends, Dause said. At least one of the men wore a wingsuit, which has more material and causes a skydiver to go faster, Dause added.

"They hit probably 30 seconds after they left air," the owner told KCRA 3. "One guy has a broken leg, and he says he ran into the other guy, or the other guy ran into him and knocked him out -- because the parachute had no deployment whatsoever."

Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth told KCRA 3's Deirdre Fitzpatrick he had gone skydiving with Dutton many times.

“I would say he was as a young man, a very much a positive force and source of energy in the community," Wirth said. "He was fun-loving, lighthearted, affable and always smiling. He loved flying and jumping. We always had fun in the air."

Wirth added that Dutton appeared in several Warren Miller films that were shot at Squaw and was a "phenomenal skier and big mountain athlete."