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Major Scandal: One of our main automakers knowingly allowed dangerous vehicles on the road to save .90 cents per vehicle

There is one last remaining arena where politics, money and influence cannot corrupt the outcome: the jury trial.   Checks and balances was the design of our three areas of government; legislature, office of the president, and the supreme court.  With the trend now going towards whatever party is in majority in legislature backing or opposing the party that’s in office of the president, and the presidential party being able to appoint Supreme Court judges, this system has well, failed itself.  The jury trial has not.

Congratulations to Mr. Smerconish for going against the trend and actually reporting the facts on a very significant matter, the failure of GM to recall their vehicle line.  This is an excellent expose of a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney spending significant money to find out why a young lady was killed.  And the result of this attorney’s efforts, as well as the expert that attorney hired, revealed a major scandal: that one of our main automakers knowingly allowed dangerous vehicles on the road to save .90 per vehicle.  Tragic.

Despite what you read about, factually void stories about spilled coffee, pants ruined at a dry cleaners, the fact is that most plaintiff attorneys endure the scour of society for the very reasons exemplified in this article: for the singular voice (in this case the middle American family of the young woman who was killed) could be heard and justice would be served.  Personally, this story alone fuels me to continue the very lonely war in pursuit of unrecognized justice.