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Awareness can Prevent Stockton Motorcycle Accidents

Attorneys at Sette Law understand the lure of riding motorcycles in and around Stockton. Our lawyers, however, also understand the often dire consequences of a serious motorcycle accident. As attorneys we are aware of grim statistics that clearly indicate the high risk factors attributed to riding motorcycles. Our Stockton injury lawyers have access to state and national data bases that show how vulnerable riders are in any kind of motorcycle accident.

Our attorneys point out that it’s not just the obvious factors – such as driving while intoxicated – that contribute to Stockton motorcycle accidents. Lawyers, however, highlight the fact that drinking and riding a bike is a particularly bad combination. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that 27 percent of motorcycle accident deaths in 2012 were attributed to drunk driving. A full 2,000 deaths involved single car accidents. Attorneys add that 43 percent of all motorcycle crashes that year involved drunk driving – except on weekends when the figure rose to 64 percent! Stockton injury lawyers note that this is one kind of crash that can, in fact, easily be avoided.

Clearly, drinking and driving is a bad idea for all drivers, but Stockton injury attorneys emphasize, particularly so for motorcyclists. Alcohol diminishes balance and judgment – critical to avoiding any accident but more so for Stockton motorcycle riders. Injury lawyers say that, all too often, an alcohol impaired rider will be the cause of an accident. Irresponsible riding while under the influence can easily lead to the rider being held liable for a motorcycle accident, our injury lawyers say.

Bike Riders at Higher risk of death and Injury
Attorneys are alarmed at the disproportionate number of injuries and deaths to motorcycle riders, compared to motorists. According to a 2006 NHTSA report 13.10 percent of 100,000 car accidents led to deaths. But our Stockton injury lawyers observe that figure pales compared to the 72-plus percent of deaths for motorcycle riders in the same period.

Stockton accident and injury attorneys say that additional NHTSA data highlights even greater risk inherent in motorcycle accidents. Attorneys say Administration figures for 2012 showed a 7.1 percent increase in motorcycle accidents over 2011. This translates to far greater risk of death in a motorcycle accident. Injury lawyers know that bike riders are five times more likely to die in an accident than are vehicle drivers. In 2012, NHTSA recorded 93,000 injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents. Our Stockton personal injury attorneys believe these figures are a wake-up call for all motorcycle riders.

Older Riders face Higher Risk of Stockton Accidents
Our injury lawyers reference 2011 data from the NHTSA showing that riders over the age of 40 accounted for 56 percent of motorcycle deaths. Older riders seem to favor big bikes – comfortable for touring and traveling the byroads of Stockton. Injury attorneys, however, say the weight of such bikes makes them harder to handle. Roll overs of big bikes are not uncommon in Stockton accidents. Attorneys say the heft of such bikes, coupled with somewhat diminished physical condition of older riders adds to the risk of injury and death in Stockton motorcycle accidents. Our lawyers say that NHTSA looked at accidents from 2002 to 2011 and found a 78 percent rise in fatalities of riders 40-plus. During the same period, fatalities to younger motorcycle riders actually declined.

Stockton injury lawyers also report that riders of so-called super bikes, favored by young and often inexperienced riders, also faced an increased risk of death in a Stockton accident. Injury attorneys say these light and very fast bikes (some can get up to 190 mph) were four times more deadly in an accident. Lawyers posit that although speed is a factor, young riders are often inexperienced and lack mature judgment.

Tactics to prevent Stockton Motorcycle Accidents
Injury attorneys at Sette Law first highlight the obvious – no one should ever drink alcohol and drive a motorcycle. Clearly, impaired riding is a major factor in deaths and injuries to motorcycle riders. But accident lawyers say there are many other precautions that can make it safer for bike riders in Stockton.

Injury lawyers completely support helmet laws. Head injuries are the leading cause of fatalities in motorcycle accidents. Without a helmet a rider faces a 40 percent greater chance of death and 15 percent increase chance of injury in a Stockton accident. Injury attorneys consider this as basic safety equipment for all motorcycle riders.

Motorcycle associations across America offer further guidelines for safer riding. Stockton injury lawyers admit that most of the responsibility for riders’ personal safety rests with the motorcyclist. Although this may seem a bit ‘unfair’ the NHTSA statistics on motorcycle deaths and injuries support heightened awareness for rider in Stockton. Our injury attorneys say that cars making left turns in front of a bike rider is both common and dangerous. Unfortunately, it may be up to the motorcyclist to monitor his surroundings because many times, vehicle drivers seem blind to motorcycles. Stockton accident lawyers also say that motorcycle associations caution riders about the potential for car drivers to change lanes without signaling their intentions. Fair or not, our Stockton injury lawyers say that vigilance on the part of motorcyclists can prevent an accident in which they have the most to lose.

Deaths, disabilities and the risk of injury are ever present in the recreational pastime of motorcycle riding. Our Stockton injury attorneys understand the allure of riding and, at the same time, deal directly with the outcome of motorcycle crashes. A serious accident can change lives and take lives of riders in Stockton. Our injury lawyers believe that riders must step up their safety game so that they can enjoy the thrill of riding while minimizing risk. Since bike riders face the biggest risk of death and injury, our Stockton accident attorneys encourage riders to access safety courses offered by the California Highway Patrol. By developing consistent safety habits, Stockton motorcycle riders can enjoy the thrills of riding minus the perils and pain of accidents our Stockton injury attorneys deal with all too often.