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Do you Drive a Chevy Cruze in Stockton?

Injury lawyers at Sette Law want Stockton owners of GM’s Chevy Cruze to quickly respond to the June 28 recall of the 2013-2014 models due to airbag defects. This GM recall is not connected to earlier recalls that also involved defective airbags, according to our Stockton car accident lawyers. Takata Corp., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of automobile safety systems, made the Cruze airbags which can explode with meteoric force that sends shrapnel flying and prevents the bag from inflating. Our Stockton personal injury attorneys report that an accident in Georgia brought the defect into the spotlight:
Brandi Owens experienced a moderate car collision at an intersection, activating the Cruze airbags. The explosive force expelled fragments of metal and sent the airbag flying into Ms Owen’s back seat. A shred of the flying metal pierced her eye and caused blindness. Stockton injury lawyers point out the crash happened at a low rate of speed that should not have, in fact, caused the airbags to activate at all.

The NHTSA (National Highway Transportation Safety Administration) is an objective resource used by Stockton car accident attorneys at Sette Law to get unbiased and verified information. After giving the Cruze a 5-start rating for front, side and roll over crashes in 2013, the NHTSA acknowledged the incorrect Takata part "which can result in the inflator rupturing during deployment and can lead to metal fragments striking occupants and no inflation of the air bag." In Stockton, our injury lawyers reference NHTSA findings to substantiate defect claims. We know that pursuing defect claims against global companies can be overwhelming for drivers in Stockton. Our car accident lawyers, however, are experienced in managing major personal injury cases.

Our Stockton injury attorneys report that Takata side airbags in the 2013-2014 Cruze sedans have faulty inflation mechanisms. The car maker says that airbag inflators will be replaced by dealerships in Stockton. Sette car accident lawyers, however, report complaints from Cruze owners about parts being unavailable as late as July. About 29,000 vehicles are involved in the recall, including cars driven by owners in Stockton. Our car accident lawyers also point out a previous Cruze recall in March of 2013-2014 models for defects to a front axle shaft. Owners can call Chevrolet customer service at 1-800-222-1020 for information. Our Stockton injury attorneys continue to monitor developments with this troubling recall.

Squaw Valley skydiver killed after mid-air collision

Two parachutists collided in midair in Acampo on Tuesday afternoon, killing a man from Squaw Valley and prompting an investigation by the FAA, officials said.

Professional skier and BASE jumper Timy Dutton, 27, was killed 30 seconds into Tuesday's jump.

The survivor -- who has not yet been identified -- was hurt in the accident as well, investigators confirmed.

Watch report: Man dies in mid-air skydiving collision

The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department took a call reporting the incident about 1:30 p.m., and then emergency crews headed out to the Parachute Center, 23500 N. Highway 99.

The men involved are extremely experienced divers, said Bill Dause, the owner of the Parachute Center. Both had done 400 to 500 jumps apiece previously, he added.

The divers jumped together and they were friends, Dause said. At least one of the men wore a wingsuit, which has more material and causes a skydiver to go faster, Dause added.

"They hit probably 30 seconds after they left air," the owner told KCRA 3. "One guy has a broken leg, and he says he ran into the other guy, or the other guy ran into him and knocked him out -- because the parachute had no deployment whatsoever."

Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth told KCRA 3's Deirdre Fitzpatrick he had gone skydiving with Dutton many times.

“I would say he was as a young man, a very much a positive force and source of energy in the community," Wirth said. "He was fun-loving, lighthearted, affable and always smiling. He loved flying and jumping. We always had fun in the air."

Wirth added that Dutton appeared in several Warren Miller films that were shot at Squaw and was a "phenomenal skier and big mountain athlete."

Major Scandal: One of our main automakers knowingly allowed dangerous vehicles on the road to save .90 cents per vehicle

There is one last remaining arena where politics, money and influence cannot corrupt the outcome: the jury trial.   Checks and balances was the design of our three areas of government; legislature, office of the president, and the supreme court.  With the trend now going towards whatever party is in majority in legislature backing or opposing the party that’s in office of the president, and the presidential party being able to appoint Supreme Court judges, this system has well, failed itself.  The jury trial has not.

Congratulations to Mr. Smerconish for going against the trend and actually reporting the facts on a very significant matter, the failure of GM to recall their vehicle line.  This is an excellent expose of a plaintiff’s personal injury attorney spending significant money to find out why a young lady was killed.  And the result of this attorney’s efforts, as well as the expert that attorney hired, revealed a major scandal: that one of our main automakers knowingly allowed dangerous vehicles on the road to save .90 per vehicle.  Tragic.

Despite what you read about, factually void stories about spilled coffee, pants ruined at a dry cleaners, the fact is that most plaintiff attorneys endure the scour of society for the very reasons exemplified in this article: for the singular voice (in this case the middle American family of the young woman who was killed) could be heard and justice would be served.  Personally, this story alone fuels me to continue the very lonely war in pursuit of unrecognized justice.  

Semi Truck Accident Injures 3 Workers In Fix 50 Area

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A semi truck accident in the Fix 50 area has injured three workers, a California Highway Patrol official says.

Three crew members on the Fix 50 project were hit by a piece of wood from one of their own workers. A worker was going to place a beam near the guard rail. When he spun, it went over the retaining wall, where it was struck by a passing truck.

“A big rig traveling east bound struck the board, propelling it into other construction workers,” said CHP officer Michael Bradley

One of the workers, suffering from head trauma, has been airlifted to the UC Davis Medical Center. The injury doesn’t appear to be The extent of the injuries to the other two workers is not clear, but one has been taken to a nearby clinic, a Caltrans official tells CBS13. The other worker was treated at the scene.

Caltrans investigators will be looking at how and why the accident occurred. Work will continue on the project unless a safety inspector tells them to stop, Caltrans says.

The truck is still being sought. The driver may not have known they hit the board, and sent it careening into the workers.

Stockton Car Quake: Things to do after a car crash

Things to do after a car crash

1. First of all, try to not panic. In that type of a situation, cooler heads prevail, and the more you're able to deal with the situation, I think the better off you'll be. 

2. Secondly, ensure the safety of yourself and others. In California, if you're driving down the freeway, there are signs there that say if you're involved in a minor fender-bender, please move to the side of the freeway. And that's good advice. It it's situation where your vehicle is drivable, if you can move it, I would move it out of harm's way. In other words, if you're staying in the middle of the freeway, you're out of a vehicle, cars are going by, there's a high likelihood, a distinct chance that something else might happen, an another vehicle may hit you. So by ensuring the safety of yourself and others, if you can, move the vehicle out of any harm's way. 

3. Photographs are a good idea, if you get a chance before moving your vehicle, take photographs. All of us have phones now that you can pull out and take photos of pretty much anything, high quality photos. Take a photo of the damage to the vehicle, take a photo of the positions of the vehicle, take photo of the damage to your vehicle, all of these will help in the event there's a dispute to what actually happened.

4. Calling the police is a good idea, CHP a lot of times in the event there is no major injury they won't come out, they won't take a report. So you want to exchange all information with the other party. Most significantly, if there is somebody that saw the accident, comes up to you and says 'it's a horrible thing, it's not your fault', get that person's information. It's crucial. A lot of the times people walk into my office and they take it for granted that the police are going to find that witness, they're going to get the witnesses information and take a statement, a lot of time that doesn't happen. If you have a witness, get their name, get their phone number, get that address, you want to follow up with them in the even there's some dispute as how it actually happened. Other than that, you've done all you can at the scene, if you're injured, go get yourself proper medical care, and if necessary contact personal injury attorney in Sacramento like myself at the Law Office of Fred Sette a Auto Accident Attorney in Sacramento.  I can be reached at 916-710-8555 or fill out the contact form on our website.