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State Car Accident Data Alert

Petaluma car accident attorneys were alarmed to read a news report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announcing a significant rise is traffic deaths throughout the state. This most recent study, showing a traffic death toll of 3,104 in 2013, should concern all drivers in Petaluma. Car crash attorneys at Sette Law are aware that our community is at risk due to our high commuter traffic and our location. More drivers on our roadways logically means the threat of increased Petaluma car crashes is imminent. Drivers and others are vulnerable to a Petaluma car accident, attorneys observe, because NHTSA has identified four major reasons that car accident deaths have significantly risen, 13 percent in California and 10 percent nationwide over the past three years.

Drivers of Accident Data are Present in Petaluma
Rising car accident incidents, attorneys report, are partly a response to the return of a healthier economy. The NHSTA study indicated that the end of the Great Recession also marked increased traffic on America’s roadways – meaning even more visitors driving through Petaluma. Car crash attorneys are aware of a flurry of serious accidents in and around Petaluma. Car accident injuries and deaths were traced to drivers traveling the wrong way on freeways, driving under the influence, distracted drivers and other causes. Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers want to alert the community to this troubling trend and take a look at the causes in greater detail. Interestingly, our Petaluma personal injury attorneys say that traffic officials point to “life style changes” and technology as contributors to high car accident statistics.

Among the top sources of acceleration in accidents, according to NHTSA, is the growing popularity of motorcycles – a favorite recreational ride around Petaluma. Car accident injury, attorneys point out, are usually far more severe for people on motorcycles who are usually on the losing end of any Petaluma car crash. Attorneys say that post-recession spending included a rise in purchases of the big touring-style bikes favored by older riders. Unfortunately, these hefty bikes are hard to control and a crash can inflict a very serious Petaluma car accident injury. Attorneys say that, nationally, incidents of motorcycle accidents have been rising since 2010.

The same is true of bicyclists who sustain Petaluma car crash injuries. Our attorneys know that bicycling throughout our beautiful Wine Country and Coastal regions is highly popular. And the NHTSA report indicates that bicycling is also another troubling contributor to the increase in accident injuries and deaths. When it comes to a Petaluma car accident injury, our attorneys know that the bicyclist will almost always suffer the most severe harm. When out touring our winding country roads, we urge bicyclists to exert extreme caution in Petaluma.

Personal injury attorneys are particularly watching the data concerning our newest threat to safety on the roadways – distracted driving in Petaluma. Car accident attorneys know this phenomenon has grown exponentially, as technology hands us all more ways to communicate, wherever we are.  As throughout the nation, Petaluma car crash injuries will only rise as new apps let us run so many aspects of our lives from a tiny screen that fits in one hand. But, in most instances, it’s not legal in California and Petaluma. Personal injury attorneys believe that state law still has to catch up with the multiple use of apps that contribute to distracted driving in Petaluma. Car accident attorneys, for example, report that looking at map apps or even Face Book isn’t yet addressed in laws that prohibit other kinds of cell phone use.

Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers say that it’s a challenge for traffic officials to really assess cell phone usage by drivers. Not all drivers admit to using these devices while driving around California and in Petaluma and related car crash injuries are not attributed to distracted driving. According to the Office of Traffic Safety, just 9.2 percent of drivers say they have been distracted by electronics while driving. Our Petaluma personal injury attorneys suspect the real number is much higher.  Car accident data, attorneys say, is hard to gather, and data is what drives the development of traffic laws.

Driving under the influence is yet another factor in Petaluma car crash injuries. Attorneys regard this behavior as particularly heinous because DUI accidents are entirely preventable in Petaluma. Car crash injury increases, attorneys say, as alcohol is no longer the only source of intoxication and impairment for drivers in Petaluma. Car accidents due to marijuana use are an increasing concern, as is the use of prescription drugs. Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers are interested in tracking data from states that have legalized recreational marijuana. With that information, California traffic officials could create reasonable DUI laws to prevent accident increase throughout California and all around Petaluma.

Car Accident Attorneys Support Strict Enforcement in Petaluma
Car accident injuries, our attorneys believe, would be reduced with strong enforcement of laws and public education that protect drivers in Petaluma. Personal injury lawyers recall that the introduction of seat belts was initially met with resistance. But, with increased fines and active enforcement of the law, seat belts were accepted. Now, the OTS says 97 percent of drivers use seat belts. Petaluma car crash injuries fell significantly, like they did throughout the nation, because of this innovation, education and acceptance. Petaluma personal injury attorneys at Sette Law believe the same kind of educational outreach, coupled with strict enforcement, could impact the growing distracted driving statistics and diminish DUI accidents in Petaluma.

Personal Injury Attorneys Look to Turn the Trend in Petaluma
Rising car accident injuries have our attorneys’ attention. We know that Petaluma car crash injuries will continue to happen, but we believe the upward trend can be reversed. Particularly when it comes to Petaluma car accident injuries that are preventable – and originate with irresponsible behavior such as distracted driving and driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  Our Petaluma personal injury lawyers want our families and others in the community to remain safe on our streets and roadways. As car accident attorneys in Petaluma it’s our job to help victims rebound from losses after an accident and as members of the community it also our responsibility to help prevent Petaluma Car accident injuries.