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TBI a Danger to Young and Old in Stockton

Personal injury lawyers in Stockton look at the rise in head injuries to children and older adults with concern. Sette Law’s, Stockton head injury attorneys are aware that many serious injuries are preventable with some basic precautions in homes in Stockton. Our personal injury attorneys encourage families to educate themselves about how to protect loved ones from TBI and prevent accidents.

Head injuries can occur when there’s a blow to the head – falls, sports injuries, explosions and a wide variety of events can cause brain injuries in Stockton. Our head injury lawyers explain that the effects of TBI dramatically changes daily life and impacts long term health. Symptoms of TBI can be mild or severe for victims in Stockton. Personal injury lawyers see a wide range of effects – from dizziness to crippling confusion. In extreme cases, victims can be in a coma that lasts indefinitely. In the experience of our Stockton head injury lawyers, TBI can be very costly – both financially and emotionally to families in Stockton.

Head Injury Attorneys Call for Safety First
Children, whose brains are still developing, are highly susceptible to head injuries. Our Stockton personal injury lawyers recommend safety equipment such as kid-safe car seats and seatbelts for all youngsters in Stockton cars. Injury lawyers also agree that children should ride in the back seat of cars. Young brains are delicate and extra caution is called for in Stockton. Injury attorneys at Sette Law have seen the pain suffered by families whose child suffered TBI in a car accident in Stockton. Our head injury lawyers know that affordable safety solutions make a big difference.

Our Stockton injury lawyers also emphasize the importance of children wearing helmets when enjoying recreational activities. Personal injury attorneys are aware of the increase in head injuries related to sports participation. Stockton injury lawyers believe youth sports teams and parents should employ heightened safety standards for young athletes in Stockton. Head injury lawyers know that helmets can provide important protection for youngsters engaged in a wide variety of sports – from football and cheer squads to soccer and baseball. Our Stockton injury lawyers say there is nationwide recognition that sports activities present inherent dangers of head injuries. When the threat of TBI reaches youth sports, the need for precaution is heightened for parents in Stockton.

Injury Attorneys say Elders at High Risk in Stockton
Head injury lawyers are also concerned about the region’s older residents. Without proper exercise and muscle strengthening, elders become increasingly at risk of falls in their homes in Stockton. Personal injury attorneys agree with the National Institute of Health’s statement that falls are preventable for elder people nationwide and in  Stockton. Our head injury lawyers say that remaining physically strong and balanced is a first line of defense. In addition, living spaces should be safe. Our Stockton head injury lawyers advise residents to get rid of slippery area rugs, install handrails in bathrooms and create a clutter-free home in Stockton. Head injury lawyers report that elder victims of falls that result in head injury may experience lengthy recovery and healing.

Our Stockton personal injury attorneys are hoping for less business in this arena of law – protecting vulnerable people from head injury is a shared responsibility of the community and families that our Stockton head injury attorneys accept.

How a Stockton Personal Injury Attorney Helps People Heal

Accidents happen. At Sette Law in Stockton our personal injury lawyers know this is a simple fact of life. But, when harm is done to a person through the negligence or intent of another person, the injured party should not have to bear the financial burden caused by an accident in Stockton. Personal injury attorneys are focused on “tort law.” It is our job to fully understand the many nuances and legal aspects of personal injury law to advocate for clients in Stockton. Personal injury law covers an almost endless array of circumstances.

Most people think of headline-grabbing cases such as the lawsuit against McDonald’s in 1994 for its dangerously hot coffee. But our Stockton personal injury lawyers know most cases never make headlines. Injuries suffered in everyday life such as car accidents, slip and fall, malpractice, wrongful death and dog bites are more common in Stockton. But, injury attorneys know the circumstances of each event will be unique. Consequently, our Stockton personal injury lawyers closely follow new cases across the nation to best represent clients in Stockton.

Injury attorneys are currently watching the development of emerging cases of lawsuits involving death and injury in vehicles with defects. The number of cases has been rising each passing week and being educated about those actions helps us to represent clients in Stockton. Our personal injury lawyers also pay attention to cases of libel and slander with new, emerging issues related to the use of the Internet to cause personal injury.

Attorneys point out that personal injury often involves harm that was accidental. It’s only when the accident was caused by negligence – or the creation of a dangerous environment – that litigation offers relief to victims in Stockton. Personal injury lawyers explain that people and entities (like businesses and corporations) have a Duty of Care. This is a legal obligation embedded in tort law and applies to all our Stockton personal injury cases. Lawyers must determine that harm was done due to a failure to exercise a “standard of reasonable care” in Stockton. Personal injury lawyers help establish the facts of such cases.
This principle applies to big corporations – like General Motors – and to individuals, such as dog owners in Stockton. Personal injury lawyers frequently deal with dog bite lawsuits. Dog owners have an obligation to the safety of the public. Dogs that are out of control and off-leash can caused serious injury and even death to dog bite victims in Stockton.

Our Personal injury lawyers reference cases nationwide to support clients in Stockton. Injury attorneys help clients to heal from physical, emotional and financial harm done to them due to personal injuries caused by negligence. 

A Critical Look at Stockton Bicycle Accidents

Lawyers know there are at least 2 sides to every story. This holds true as we look at car vs Bicycle accidents in Stockton. Injury attorneys also know that in such accidents, it’s usually the bicycle rider who sustains the most serious injuries. Nonetheless, as in car accidents, liability has to be established in cases brought to court in Stockton. Personal injury attorneys at Sette Law look at all the facts and evidence in a bicycle accident, knowing that bike riders, like car drivers, can make bad decisions and disobey traffic laws in Stockton.

Bicycle accident lawyers know that legal issues surrounding a bicycle accident are similar to those arising from automobile accident. In addition, our Stockton personal injury lawyers, also agree that safety laws and precepts governing both modes of transportation are analogous. The concept of “duty of reasonable care” applies to all drivers, meaning they must exercise care for all who share the road with them – other cars, pedestrians, motorcycles and bicycles on the streets of Stockton. Our Bicycle accident lawyers say a similar concept applies to bike riders.  Traffic laws must be obeyed and care for the safety of others is a responsibility for bicyclists in Stockton. Injury attorneys remind riders and motorists that common courtesy and good judgment are essential to personal and community safety.

Asking the right Questions about Bicycle Accidents in Stockton
Personal injury lawyers in Stockton help to establish liability when working on behalf of a bicycle injury client. We investigate the circumstances of the accident, with our Stockton injury lawyer looking at the behavior of the driver of the car, as well as the actions of the bike rider who is also bound by traffic rules in Stockton. Bicycle accident lawyers must have information about both (or all) parties to an accident in Stockton. Injury lawyers can help establish liability or responsibility for an accident by knowing, for example, the bike rider was following traffic laws and not behaving in a reckless manner. Our Stockton personal injury attorneys explain that actions like riding the wrong way on a one-way street, ignoring stop signs or darting out into car traffic lanes are acts that put bicyclists at risk and can contribute to serious accidents.

Stockton injury lawyers say that motorist liability is also scrutinized. If witnesses report a driver was speeding or ignoring traffic signals, there may be an indication that driver negligence caused the accident in Stockton. Sette injury lawyers also check police logs for any citations issued around the time of the accident. If the driver had been ticketed for reckless driving or speeding, this could be used as evidence of liability for the bicycle vs. car accident in Stockton.

Injury Lawyers back Bicycle Safety
At Sette Law, our Stockton personal injury lawyers know that regardless of liability, it’s most often the bicycle rider most injured in a collision with a car. In researching bike accidents, our Stockton injury attorneys learned that at least fifteen percent of bike vs. car accidents result in traumatic brain injury. We also accessed research that concluded up to 88% of those brain injuries could be prevented if riders simply wore bicycle helmets in Stockton. Our injury attorneys strongly urge bike riders to protect themselves with approved bicycle helmets on the roadways of Stockton.

Bicycle accident lawyers emphasize that bike riders are vulnerable – speed plus a lack of protection for the body (and head) can have life changing, sometimes deadly, consequences.